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Our company supply all kinds of oxygen plant spare parts: such as oxygen filling unit, oxygen filling hose pipe, joint, flange, instrument, valve, oxygen pressure gause etc. Oxyen nitrogen Filling system oxygen filling hose pipe

The equipment, which makes the zeolite molecular sieves adsorb in the condition of increasing the pressure and desorb under the ordinary pressure, is called pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator which is desorbed under atmosphere pressure (PSA-O2). When the pressure of the pressure swift adsorption oxygen generator which is desorbed under the atmosphere pressure increases, the zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS)adsorb nitrogen and produce oxygen, when the pressure steps down to atmospherepressure, the zeolite molecular sieves desorbs nitrogen and regenerate. The desorbedunder the atmosphere pressure PSA-O2 generator usually has two adsorptive towers,one tower is used for adsorbing nitrogen and producing oxygen, while the other fordesorbing nitrogen and making regeneration, two towers alternate adsorption and regeneration to output oxygen continuously.

4. High Reliability It’s very reliable for continuous and steady operation with constant Oxygen purity. 6. Low investment and energy consumption Applications Oxygen Generator System is used worldwide. 2.Hospital Oxygen Supply One small oxygen generator can solve the gas supply issue to hospitals.

The concentration monitoring technology has been developed to monitor the oxygen concentration on line V. Multi-grade noise reduction devices are integrated and the noise is less than 50 db VI. The product is life-long maintenance and the supplier provides all-round services.

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