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bottle is a container made of either glass, plastic or stainless steel that holds liquids. Most of them have different shapes with narrow tops and straight sides. Alibaba.com offers different types that serve various functions. For example, there are reusable water bottles and glass droppers

Besides storing water and other liquids, some bottles offer added benefits for health and the environment. For example, the stainless steel varieties at Alibaba.com are BPA-free, hence they are free from toxins. These stainless steel water bottles are resistant to corrosion, rust and stain. They are sustainable, and owners use them over a long period. Some like the water flask are multipurpose, meaning they can hold water and coffee. Others, like glass containers, are easy to clean, and they retain clarity even after several washes. They don't also retain the odor and flavor of recent liquid contents. 

The glass dropper works to dispense contents such as chemicals, medications, essential oils and food colorings. These droppers work well for light-sensitive products since they protect the contents from UV rays. They are small, have dark colors, and work to dispense the contents drop by drop. This mechanism works best for individuals who want accurate dispensing of liquids such as medicine. The tight caps on these dropper bottles protect the contents of the fluids from spilling. The sealed cap prevents air and moisture from finding their way to the product. Since the owner has control over the content of the bottle, waste is kept at a minimum. 

Experience the comfort of using a convenient bottle from Alibaba.com. Different manufacturers and suppliers provide customizable ones in various sizes and designs. Hurry and buy custom shaker bottles and other varieties at a discounted price.