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Bounce houses are inflatable fun structures designed especially for kids' use in party settings or their playgrounds at home. They are designed to give a bounce reflex when jumped on at full inflation and to be robust and resistant to tear for durability.

Why get bounce houses for kiddies?

Both large bounce houses and small bounce houses at home or events serve as great ways to keep kids busy having fun while you do your thing at home or have your taste of adult fun in party settings. They are designed to give fun cost-efficiently, as they are movable, reusable, and large enough to contain many users, thanks to their inflatable nature and construction materials. Inflatable bounce houses are an attractive series of fun structures, not just for the essential fun they give but the aesthetic variation they come with such as their brilliant color mixes and the different house shapes in which they come. Some of these structures are designed with slides and may include lights that drive the party feel.

What materials are used to make bounce houses?

Kids' bounce houses are made from different materials to suit their purpose of creation. Generally, however, they tend to be waterproof and resilient to weight impact. Some are created for residential use while others are created for commercial use. While both require hardy materials, commercial bounce houses tend to be built with stronger materials to withstand their frequency of use by varying users. Residential bounce houses can be set up more easily than commercial variants and are conventionally made of solid materials like polyester oxford, also known as oxford cloth, or heavy-duty nylon. Both materials are sustainable and weatherproof. However, polyester oxford tends to be more lightweight and more waterproof while heavy-duty nylons are more robust and heavier but less waterproof thus less quick-drying. Rent bounce houses are more difficult to set up and are naturally heavier variants of bounce houses. They are designed with more resilient materials like heavy-duty PVC vinyl, which are more resistant to impact than heavy-duty nylon and polyester oxford. They are waterproof, lightweight, and easy to clean and can stand multiple weight masses on them for a more sustainable period of use than the materials conventionally used for residential bounce houses.

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