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Similar to clear packaging tape, brown packing tape is durable and reliable for sealing, wrapping, and bundling different items and boxes. Brown plastic packing tape is great for all-purpose use and for any job that needs a strong, reliable seal. Used by both commercial and residential consumers, packaging brown tape is an affordable and efficient option when packaging or mailing large or heavy items.

The Benefits of Brown Paper Box Tape

Brown mailing tape is similar to clear packaging tape with a few differences and benefits. For starters, it’s versatile. You can use brown paper packaging tape on cardboard for a seamless finish. This is especially true if the box you’re using is brown. Brown cardboard tape blends in perfectly, creating a professional and cohesive look.

Heavy-duty brown packing tape supports heavy packages and secures fragile items during shipping. Reinforced brown paper tape is another durable, strong option. Designed for high-volume and heavy-duty industrial shipping, the back of this tape is reinforced with fiberglass filament. This prevents splitting or tearing and adds extra tensile strength. The backing of reinforced brown paper tape is also waterproof, protecting your box and its contents from inclement weather.

What is Brown Paper Shipping Tape Made Of?

Traditional brown packing tape is made using a combination of adhesive properties and polyester. Most brown paper shipping tape is manufactured using a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating attached to a polyester film or polypropylene backing. This design helps ensure both cross-directional length and length-wise strength.

How Long is a Roll of Brown Mailing Tape?

Not all rolls of brown paper shipping tape are the same size or width. Most rolls of brown packaging tape come in a variety of lengths ranging from 3 yards to 36 yards or even as much as 110 yards. The width of brown paper box tape can be as narrow as ½” or as wide as 3” depending on the purpose.

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