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What is a bubble mailer?

Before stocking up on bubble mailers, it’s important to understand what a bubble mailer is. A bubble mailer is a paper or plastic envelope lined with a layer of bubble wrap. They come in a wide range of sizes, usually rectangular in dimension. There is a difference in size between the exterior and interior of a bubble mailer. Take this into account when selecting the correct mailer for your product. The usable size is the interior space of the envelope. Bubble mailers are often also referred to as padded envelopes. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, padded envelopes are slightly different. Padded envelopes are envelopes that use foam, paper, or bubble wrap as a protective layer inside of the envelope. Bubble mailers are padded envelopes, but not all padded envelopes are bubble mailers.

If your customers wish to create their own design on the bubble mailer, custom bubble mailers are a good choice to stock, creating decorative bubble mailers. Custom bubble mailers are a great e-commerce shipping option. The bubbles add a padded insulation to protect what’s inside.

Bubble mailer prices:

The price of the bubble mailers depend on some factors. Bubble mailers are available in colorful varieties with designs and patterns. This makes the package look more attractive and impressive. However, thanks to this additional coloring, the cost of these bubble mailers is much higher than ordinary white bubble mailers. Therefore, if you are looking to stock the most cost effective bubble mailers, then you should go for plain white bubble mailers. However, if your clients' priority is to impress the customer, then colorfully designed bubble mailers will be the better choice. Self sealing bubble mailers are extremely useful because they cut off the excess time that goes in gluing the mailers. Although self-sealing bubble mailers are comparatively expensive, these products will cut your labor time and cost of glue. So, one needs to know their priority and requirements before purchasing these bubble mailers in bulk. Purchasing bubble mailers in bulk is always a great idea because of their durability and usefulness. The cost varies from business to business as per the needs and requirements.

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