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Buddy Christ is a fictional, religious icon created by director Kevin Smith. He first appeared in Smith’s 1999 movie Dogma as a way to renew the image of the Catholic Church. Since then, people have been buying and dolls to place on their dashboards and in their homes. This Dogma Jesus figurine represents a more uplifting, laid back version of Jesus Christ.

What Does the Buddy Christ Action Figure Look Like?

Most Buddy Jesus action figures still resemble Jesus Christ but with more playful characteristics. The figurine still has long, brown hair, a religious robe, and open-toed sandals. His robe is tan and maroon with red heart on the chest surrounded by a gold sunburst shape. It’s how the figurine is posed that makes it memorable. The Dogma Jesus figurine is smiling and winking, with one hand giving the thumbs-up and another pointing at onlookers. The fun and unconventional Buddy Christ action figure was also made into an Internet meme using phrases like, “Yo, Bro! Sunday at my house.”, which refers to traditional Sunday mass and church services.

How Big Are Buddy Christ Figurines?

Not all Buddy Christ action figures are the same size. Depending on the type of statue, doll, or figure you buy, the size and material will vary. For example, most Buddy Jesus statues for sale are designed for the dashboard of your vehicle or to place on a shelf. These statues range from 3-inches up to 10 or even 12-inches tall. Dashboard figures have an adhesive bottom to keep the figurine in place while the vehicle is moving.

You can also purchase Buddy Christ dolls. Bobble heads are a popular choice and include the same iconic features of other Buddy Jesus action figures with a comical, oversized head. Most bobble heads stand between 5 and 7 inches tall. There are even plush dolls available which are between 8 and 12 inches tall. The type of Buddy Christ action figure you buy is based on your preference, but the character himself represents a more cheerful and positive version of the iconic religious figure.

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