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Bulb angle steel

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About bulb angle steel

Exploring Bulb Angle Steel Varieties

Bulb angle steel, a structural steel form, is a staple in construction and industrial applications. This product category encompasses a range of materials and manufacturing techniques to suit diverse project requirements. Typically, bulb angle steel is available in non-alloy or alloy forms, catering to different structural needs.

Manufacturing Techniques and Applications

The production of bulb angle steel involves various methods such as hot rolled, cold rolled, forged, and cold drawn techniques. Each method imparts unique characteristics to the steel, making it suitable for specific applications. For instance, the robustness of hot-rolled bulb angle steel makes it a reliable choice for construction frameworks and structural reinforcements.

Design and Dimensions

In terms of design, bulb angle steel is recognized for its L-shape, with options for even or uneven perpendicular extensions. The dimensions of these angle legs can range from 25mm x 25mm to 250mm x 250mm, with lengths typically between 6m to 12m. The thickness of the steel can vary from 2.5mm to 35mm, ensuring a fit for various construction demands.

Material Grades and Standards

Bulb angle steel is offered in a multitude of grades and adheres to international standards, ensuring compatibility with global construction practices. The material's versatility extends to its surface treatment, available in basic colors like black and silver, with customization options to meet specific project requirements.

Features and Advantages

The durability of steel alloys used in bulb angle steel makes it resistant to bending, an essential feature for supporting structures. The availability of perforated and non-perforated forms adds to its versatility. Perforated angles can be bolted together, while non-perforated ones are typically joined by welding, providing flexibility in construction methods.

Specialized Uses in Construction

The utility of bulb angle steel extends to various construction tasks, including transmission tower assembly, vessel fabrication, and roof construction. A specialized form, the double ribbed bulb angle steel, is designed for brick and mortar support in door and window installations, offering a recess for mortar bedding and enhancing the integrity of brickwork.