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Clothes hangers are essential for a tidy dressing room. Plastic clothes hangers and wire clothes hangers, as well as other materials, not only prevent your customers' most fragile clothes from getting wrinkled once they have been patiently ironed, but they also save time and space (no need to fold the clothes you put on a heavy duty clothes hangers). Not to mention that they allow your customers' jackets to keep their shape!

Flat wooden clothes hangers

These clothes hanger space savers are completely flat and save space in a dressing room for a very reasonable price, providing a small surface area for compact wardrobes with little space. These hangers have the advantage of being solid, and can be used for coats, and they support the weight very well. Indeed, this is a factor to take into account when buying hangers: on some models, the hook of the hanger can separate from the hanger itself if the garment is too heavy. For this reason, it is better to buy a few extra flat hangers rather than overloading classic hangers.

Clip hangers variety

Some are fans of clip hangers for storing pants, skirts, or clothes that are difficult to hang on a traditional hanger (for example, children's clothes hangers often have clips, pants clothes hangers also. Strapless evening dresses, which have no straps to hang them on, are also clipped). You'll often save more space by using metal clothes hangers with a horizontal bar, though they are less attractive. For skirts, you save a lot of space in your customers' dressing room by opting for decorative clothes hangers with multiple clips, which allow you to hang 3 or 4 skirts at a time.

Clothes hangers market trends

Hangers are an essential domestic commodity that has permeated into almost every section of society, leading to a robust and growing global hangers market, with prices ranging from as low as double-digit cents, there are great deals to be found.

Whether supplying furniture stores, people's homes, or just "hanging out" there's a selection that fits into any chain of supply with these fantastic hangers wholesale and available now on Alibaba.com.

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