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Being a daily staple around the world, the good and old coffee has to be made from coffee beans that are carefully selected, processed, and served to ensure its distinct flavor and characteristics.

Types of coffee beans:

What type of coffee bean is best? It depends on your business’ demands. There are four types: excelsa, liberica, robusta, and arabica coffee beans. The most common one is the arabica coffee bean, representing around 60-70% of global production and having a smooth flavor compared to the relative bitterness of other types. Aside from the taste, they can vary in caffeine content, bean size, shape, and country of origin.

Processing the coffee beans:

After deciding on a coffee bean type, it’s time to roast, grind, and process it into a powder. The raw, unroasted, green coffee bean is roasted using specialized machinery until the right chemical reactions and brown color are achieved to maximize the flavor. The coffee beans’ roasting can be done in different degrees and for different periods of time. The fresh coffee beans progressively change in the process, going from green to yellow, yellow to brown, and brown to dark brown. These stages represent light, medium, and dark roast, respectively, with the medium roast being the most common.

In the process of grinding coffee beans, the different types of coffee beans can be combined into a blend to take advantage of their individual characteristics and provide a unique final product to consumers.

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