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        Q: Which condoms are better?
A: Javier dude my advising to you is to go and buy a box of condoms and try them out roll a few on so that you are aware what your doing and 're not fumbling when you actually required to use it . whilst you have it on might as well wack one off into it . Really dude condoms come in different form and styles and you required to find the one that fits you bestest I like the lifestyles double pleasure since it is made wider my instruments is kinda girthy broader and ordinary condoms is far too tight and i loose it when i put them on . it feels huge when i use them and i 'm protection . Dude i been informed at my condom store condomnation in H.B . that spermicide is a detergent and i was just reading a box it said not 's using them more than a couple of times since it will annoy your instruments and her whoo-ha with constant used . just get a regular lubricated condom open the box and printed inside are the directions on how to roll one on . verify out the connection below the condom wizard to assist in you find the condom you need provide answerss frankly to get the most suitableest fit for you .   curtdude 

Q: Questions about the Condom?
A: Chlorine and condoms 're not a good combination . They do n't test condoms in chlorinated water and not exclusively will chlorine compromise the condom 's material by breaking the latex down and arousing it to deteriorate , however , it will also wash off any spermicide on the condom if you use condoms with spermicide . Also , water can get in between the condom and the vagina and cause the condom to slip off , or even tear .   Sex in a swim pooling 's never a good idea , the chemical products the water can get in your vagina and cause urinary tract infections , bladder infections , kidney infections , and even yeast infections . While sex in the pooling seemed like a good idea , it is n't . Do n't take opportunity , -do n't do it ! 

Q: What is the best condom for a women?
A: Men love sex , and if he 's into the girl , he wished to it all the more .  If he cares for the girl , he 'll wear a condom , for all the grounds you mentioned , Not getting pregnant or pass on some sexual illness .  If a girl is having sex , with a guy she should INSIST that he wear a condom .  The troubles that are able abe increased by not wearing one , are huge . Often life changing .  If you 're exclusive and have been for has long been a subsequently , you are able not use a condom , but , it is always the path to go .  Most guys , wo n't question it , if a girl tells him to wear one because it means he 's getting sex . Where in the majority instances - this is no condom , no sex .