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Originally made from terracotta with no ceramic glaze, bulk flower pots are usually round-shaped and tapered inwards. However, bulk plant pots today are now made of other materials like plastic, wood, stone, metal and sometimes biodegradable material. Today, there are bulk ceramic pots and bulk plastic pots on the market.

Are Deeper or Wider Pots Better?

The depth and width of a plastic plant pot in bulk and its ceramic counterparts have a direct relationship with its volume. However, deep bulk garden pots are generally easier for plants to grow in and are more accommodating than shallow pots to plant roots.

Given two bulk garden pots with a capacity to hold 5L of soil one deeper and the other wider, the deeper pot will offer a wider margin for growth error than the wider one. This gives greater potential for plants to grow more to their potential.

Are Ceramic or Plastic Planters Better?

Plants placed in ceramic glazed pots generally grow better than those in bulk plastic pots for plants or even metal and terracotta pots. This is because the soil in bulk ceramic flower pots can absorb moisture better, therefore, they won't dry out as fast as other types. However, terracotta pots in bulk and plastic plant pots in bulk remain good alternatives for growing plants.

Should You Put Holes in the Bottom of Your Plastic Planter?

Yes, you should. Improper drainage in a planter can kill the plant roots because it limits the amount of oxygen received by the plant root. Drill holes in the bottom of your pot if there are none already to prevent this from happening. However, these holes should be moderate in size and number to avoid excess drainage that may also lead to the death of the plant.

You can also fill the bottom of your pot with natural materials from around your house and garden. Some good examples are pine cones, leaves, wood chips and sticks.

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