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Bulk Headphones

Headphones are a transducer that receives an electrical signal originating from an electronic source (such as a radio or audio player) and, by design, allows speakers to be placed near the ears to generate audible sound waves.

Headphones are usually detachable and interchangeable, i.e., they can be easily plugged in or unplugged from the required equipment. A variety of audio systems can use the same headphones.

Headphones are classified according to their position relative to the ear. As they also prevent the reproduced sound from going outside the ear, it's important to run headphone tests before use. Their applications are usually more dedicated to the professional field, such as live amplification monitoring or mixing for DJs in clubs. The main feature is that, being slightly separated from the ear, they generate a greater natural feeling of the stereo field and a more linear and accurate reproduction of frequencies.

Bulk Headphones for Classroom

Students are the main target customer base for headphone usage. The ideal headphones for the classroom are small earphones the size of a button, which are inserted into the ear canal and allow the listener greater isolation, mobility, and comfort. Furthermore, because of their size, they offer less sound performance than a larger device. They are widely used for listening to portable players.

When choosing headphones, users pay high attention to the range of sounds that the headphones can display. It is measured in Hz and includes frequencies from the highest to the deepest bass. There is usually a range supported by each model, e.g., 18 Hz to 30 000 Hz. The larger the range, the better, and the greater the sensitivity in bass and treble. For reference, humans can hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 000 Hz.

Moreover, "Impedance" is also another key metric. It is the resistance to the passage of electric current; the lower the impedance, the higher the volume, so they can be made to work properly with small current sources such as the iPod (impedances of 60 ohms or less). An audio amplifier should be used if the impedance is large, above 100 ohms.

Head Phone Stand

Along with headphones, bulk headphone stands are also popular accessories. Either as a stand-alone product or bundled with particular models, the stands offer headphone protection and are aesthetically attractive for users.