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By any standards, a car antenna is one of the most important car accessories since radio listening is necessary especially for long trips to not only keep the driver entertained and well-informed on the road conditions, but also help to prevent any driving accidents due to fatigue and weariness. It is therefore imperative to ensure a clear radio program receiver at all times via a stable quality car antenna.

What is a bullet antenna?

Bullet antenna gets its name with its very distinctive bullet design. The most popular and well-known variety of bullet antennas is the 50 cal bullet antenna, which often resembles a real-life 50 caliber bullet in terms of dimension and shape. Hence, be it a 50 cal car antenna or a 50 cal truck antenna, it may serve as an appearance boost for the car or truck due to its distinctive design.

What is the difference between the original factory car antenna and the aftermarket antenna?

The most significant difference is in terms of pricing since generally, the prices of the car antenna from the original car makers can be up to 4-5 times higher! Designs and color selection wise, bullet antennas from aftermarket normally offer a full range of unique and appealing options to stand out from crowds. For example, one can easily find a gold bullet antenna from the aftermarket stock along with many other color selections.

What to consider when choosing a bullet antenna?

Compatibility is one of the main factors to be considered when it comes to bullet car antenna purchase. A universal bullet antenna can solve such a compatibility worry as it can be attached quickly and fits every automobile model. A 50 caliber antenna, with a standard length of 5.5 inches long is normally sufficient to pick up the signals. Installation ease and budget in mind are also among the main considerations that any bullet antenna buyers should carefully ponder upon for a great purchase.

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