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Browse Alibaba.com to shop for a bullet proof vest for sale, a necessary type body armor in order to reduce chances of fatalities and severe injuries from ammunition. Choose high-quality bulletproof vest for sale from our vast selection in order to find one of the best bullet proof vest in the world for sale for security personnel, people with jobs in high-risk areas, and private citizens looking for extra ballistic protection or stabs. Prison guards and police may be looking for softer vests for protection against stabs whereas soldiers and marines would require hard armors. We even provide a bullet proof vest for dogs for sale and a women's bullet proof vest for sale.

When shopping for an armor vest for sale, it's important the quality is lightweight while still providing full protection against impact and reducing penetration into the body from firearms and explosion fragments. Traditional body armor is heavy and weighs the wearer down. We offer options that are worn underneath your clothing so you can be discreet as well as tactical. At Alibaba.com we offer waterproof and ventilated bullet and stab proof vests for sale so the wearer can move easily without compromising safety.

In today's society, many jobs might require protection from possible attacks. For journalists or security personnel in dangerous zones around the world, we carry women's bullet proof vests for sale as well as police issue bullet proof vests for sale and level 3a bullet proof vests for sale so your customers can be protected against small arm weapons. With a level 3a protection, small handguns are unable to cause serious injury to the wearer.

Alibaba.com offers lightweight bullet proof vests for sale at discounted prices. The types of bulletproof vests vary, but remain at an affordable price. If you are a bulletproof vest supplier, Alibaba.com is the place for you to get incredibly affordable body armor while still maintaining quality and protection.

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