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A burger patty machine is a piece of equipment designed to make various hamburger patties. It can automatically complete filling, forming patties, stickers (optional), output, and other processes of the fillings. They are a great solution to any restaurant's production needs. This type of equipment produces patties, round sticks, and other specialized shapes. With the correct ingredients, a burger machine can make anything from a fish-flavored burger to a cow pie. For quick and easy handling, the models can be outfitted with a packaging system and an outfeed conveyor. Some machines are capable of producing up to 33 hamburgers in an hour, making it an excellent alternative for small and medium businesses. Because of their versatility, hamburger restaurants can provide hamburgers topped with chicken, shrimp, vegetables, and other things.

How to choose burger machines

Choose a burger patty maker machine made of durable materials like aluminium or stainless steel. Check if it is sturdy and can sustain regular use. Look for a patty maker that is simple to use and does not require extensive assembly. Consider how simple it is to clean the patty maker after usage. Look for a patty maker with a range of size and shape possibilities. Some burger makers provide customizable options for patty thickness and size.

When choosing a commercial hamburger patty maker, first determine how many boxes are needed to produce per day or hour and select a machine that meets the production needs. Also, consider the type of paper or paperboard that will be used and ensure that the machine is compatible with the chosen material. Paper hamburger boxes are formed using a variety of technologies, including vacuum and pressure forming. Determine the most appropriate technology for one's needs. Furthermore, ensure that the burger press machine can generate boxes of the appropriate size and form.

Furthermore, make sure the burger press machine can produce boxes in the size and shape required. Moreover, consider whether one wants a fully automatic burger machine or a semi-automatic one. Fully automatic machines can handle more of the production process but may be more expensive. Lastly, consider the level of maintenance required for the machine and whether the manufacturer provides good after-sales service.

Tips when using burger machines

First, inspect the machine to see whether the wiring and mechanical parts are loose, if there is butter in the lubricating oil cup, and if the protective cover is placed. The hamburger patty maker should also be put on a flat surface. Before usage, insert the power cord plug into the socket and connect to three-phase electricity. Check to see if the machine contains any contaminants. Turn on the power button; after the indication light is illuminated, the machine can operate normally. When the gadget is powered, it will begin timing, and the data will be erased automatically by pressing the clear key.

Types of burger machines

There are two types of burger machines: manual patty-making machines and electric patty-making machines. Manual patty-making machines are simple to operate and require no electricity. They are often constructed of strong materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. Most manual machines can generate patties of varying sizes and thicknesses, making them a convenient option for household use. Electric patty-making machines use power to operate and are more convenient and faster than manual patty-making makers. Some types have changeable settings for patty thickness and size. They are great for commercial use or for those who frequently prepare burgers.