Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

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4H 2 O Chromium Acetate 50% -------- (CH 3 COO) 3 Cr Chromium Chloride 98% ------- CrCl 3 . 9H 2 O Chromium Sulfate 33%--------- Cr2(SO 4 ) 3 Copper Nitrate 98% ------------ Cu(NO3) 2 . 6H 2 O Manganese Nitrate 49-50%--- Mn(NO3) 2 Nickel Nitrate 98% -------------- Ni(NO 3 ) 2 .

factory sale fertilizer meth and calcium ammonium nitrate Index name Standard value Ca ≥18.5% water insoluble matter ≤0.1% Iron(Fe) ≤ 0.005% Ammonium nitrate ≤8.5% Calcium Nitrate ≥76% Water ≥13.0% Total Nitrogen ≥15.5% Ammonium nitrate ≥1.1% PH . 5--7 Choride(Cl) ≤0.02% size (2-4mm) ≥95%

Supported by the advantages of Tianjin Port resource and its investing environment, our export quantity keeps increasing steadily every year. The products have been widely exported to Europe, Middle Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America and South America, nearly 50 countries. With its scientific management and high efficiency team the spirit of continuous innovation, we are willing to be your best cooperation partner.

C hina Supplier Good Quality Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Product Name Calcium Nitrate Calcium Ammonium Nitrate CAS NO 13477-34-4 15245-12-2 HS Code 2834299090 31026000 EINECS NO 233-332-1 236-921-1 Formula Ca(NO3)2 4H2O 5Ca(NO3)2·NH4NO3·10H2O Items Calcium Nitrate Purity 99.0%min PH Value 5-7 Heavy Metal 0.001%max Sulphates 0.03%max Chloride 0.005%max Water Insolubles 0.01%max Iron 0.002%max Items Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Nitrogen 15.5%min Ammonium Nitrogen 1.1%min Nitrate Nitrogen 14.4%min Ca 18.5%min Water Insolubles 0.1%max PH Value 5-7 Iron 0.005%max Chloride 0.02%max Detailed Images Packing & Delivery Packing: 25 kg /50 kg/1000 kg Bag or as customer's requirement. Delivery:7-15 days after receiving buy's deposit. Quality control Fair photos Factory photos Contact us Chloe Zhang Sales WhatsApp/Wechat ID: +86 17569123703 E-mail:chloe(at)

2.Can improve the soil,it increase the granule structure and make the soil not lump. Ensuring the color of the fruit is bright and the fruit candy can be increased. 3. We will re-confirm the cartons size, weight and the container quantity.

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Grow healthy plants and crops by adding calcium ammonium nitrate at to the garden or farm soil. If your vegetation, harvest, or farm products are not up to par resulting in low-quality crops, and flowers, add this element to your soil. If your crop is being harmed by pests, calcium ammonium nitrate can go a long way to solve the problem. calcium ammonium nitrate are available in the organic form so they are good for the environment.

Buy as many calcium ammonium nitrate bags as you wish since you are assured of high-quality when you purchase reliable branded products. The bags are well-packed in customizable options and sold to agricultural nations around the world. Choose from an array of calcium ammonium nitrate manufacturers with ratings and credentials so that you get the quality you need. The prices are inviting and upon your search, you can find calcium ammonium nitrate products that are worth every dollar you invest in.

calcium ammonium nitrate products are available at in both solid and liquid states. Choose sellers that guarantee quality via pre-production samples and final inspections. Chat with calcium ammonium nitrate sellers instantly online so you get a first-hand idea of the transaction. Buy calcium ammonium nitrate that stimulate the growth of vegetation and can be sprayed onto the plants.

Find and pick your exact requirement of these products offered at a broad range of calcium ammonium nitrate that fit into your budget. calcium ammonium nitrate suppliers offer irresistible deals on these products and one-off discounts so that you keep coming in. These organic products are certified and are applicable for all kinds of soil.