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It’s no smell and a little saline taste, easy to be deliquescence and to dissolve in water. Application: It is mainly used as the raw material of productions of nitro compound and azo dyes etc. is a collection of import and export trade and logistics, warehousing and other integrated enterprise.

Calcium Nitrite powder 94% [ Product Name ] Calcium Nitrite powder 94% [ Molecular formula ] Ca(NO 2 ) 2 [ Molecular weight ] 132 [ Property ] The appearance of the product is colorless or light yellow powder. Melting point is 100 ℃ [ Usage ] It is the main material of concrete additive, it can be used in the making of antifreeze, rust inhibitor of steel bar, early strength agent, it also can be used in the washing of heavy oil, emulsification of lube and chemicals. Iterm Standard % Calcium Nitrite ( dry basis ) ≥ 94% Chloride ≤ 0.1% Calcium nitrate ( dry basis ) ≤ 4.5% Moisture ≤ 1% Insolubles ≤ 1% Packaging & Shipping [ Packing ] Net each in 25kg plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag or 1000kg jumbo bag

Specifications Mainly used for cement additives, rust inhibitors, antifreeze, heavy oil detergent. Purity: 94% min, 92% min , 30%min Specifications Calcium Nitrite is our strong is our strong item ,and have passed through ISO9001:2008Quality Management System Certification. :13780-06-8 Property: liquid Specification: Calcium nitrite (dry basis) 30% Min Calcium nitrate (dry basis) 1.0% Max Specific gravity about 1.3 Water insoluble matter 0.6%Max

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Applied in greenhouse and lareg-area farmland, it improves the soil and granulates the soil making it anti-caking. 2). When employed in industrial crops, flowers, fryits and vegetables, it extends florescence, spurs the root, the stem and the leaf to grow normally, guarantees fruits in gay colors and increases carbohydrate contents in fruits. 3). Storage: Sealed, in cool and dry place, avoid rain and insolation.

Decoloring Agent Introduction Palm oil decolorizing agent is mainly made of the attapulgite by changing its physical features and chemical features. Palm oil decolorizing agent has been improved to satisfy the higher filtration rate demands facing our industry today. 4.Decoloring agent decoloration and refinement of resin and natrum.

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Shoppers who are looking for the best. calcium nitrite price to perform different purposes can look to Alibaba.com for a wide variety of these substances. The acidic compound is very useful in various ways. It is an antiseptic used in industries to prepare other silver salts. In analytical chemistry, it is a reagent that is instrumental in human life. The. calcium nitrite price is used either in solutions or stick form. People can get high-quality substances at reasonable rates to fit their different needs.

There are several uses of. calcium nitrite price for both domestic and industrial functions. In the stick form, the compound is mainly used in the removal of granular tissues and warts. Consumers can use it for ulcerations and the cauterization of wounds. Thus, it is the right product for people who have wounds and ulcers, it will be the right product. The dilute solutions are mildly antiseptic and astringent. One or two percent of the solution would effectively work against gonococcal bacteria.

The product can also be applied to newborns' eyes since it cushions against blindness. Pure quality. calcium nitrite price from Alibaba.com is used to prepare other salts like colloidal silver compounds used in medicine. In photographic emulsions, the mixture also plays a role since it is used to form silver halides. Hence, it has a myriad of uses that benefit humanity. 

The product's usage spans industries, and it makes it easier for many to lead their day to day lives. Alibaba.com offers products with strikingly affordable and fair prices. Shoppers will find the right. calcium nitrite price from the online store provided in all forms and sizes. There is a large variety of products from reliable suppliers.