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Candy carts display caramels, gummies, hard candies, lollipops, and cotton candies to attract customers. They are usually located on busy streets, near convenience stores or parks, and some have wheels to be easily moved. The candy push cart, such as a tabletop candy cart, has a small flat platform to place candies on while packaging, a display window, and shelves. Though shelves and display windows are not standard on all candy push carts, let your cart stand out visually with candy cart balloons to lure in kids- the majority candy-consuming age group.

How do you select candy carts?

While the demand for candy carts is growing tremendously, selecting one depends on the purpose, size, and cost. Carnival candy carts are medium-sized, have large wheels and sun shades. They are flexible with collapsible shelves compared to a bulky old fashioned candy cart that sits around a street corner as a reminiscence of candy-eating tradition. Some multipurpose carts, like the cotton candy machine cart, have a bowl and shelves for preparing and storing ingredients, respectively. Lastly, most carts are priced reasonably on wholesale with few exceptions, like electric candy carts, which are slightly expensive due to extra features.

Where and when to use candy carts?

If you have a snacks shop, a candy cart will be a powerful marketing tool to advertise your business as a place that sells candies too. Besides this, get a candy cart for special occasions like graduation ceremonies or follow road shows around to supply treats to fans. You may also buy a candy cart for a one-time use during Halloween when the demand for candies skyrockets more than 5 times.

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