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male 6 pin ITT cannon plug SS5-7P

male 6 pin ITT cannon plug SS5-7P

$0.10 - $0.45
Min Order: 50000 pieces
Gender: Male
Application: Automotive

About products and suppliers

A cannon plug is a type of electrical connector that is used in various applications, such as aviation, aerospace, and military. It's known for its cylindrical shape and robust design, providing a secure and sound connection for transmitting electrical signals and power between different components or systems. The name "cannon plug" may come from its resemblance to a cannon barrel due to its cylindrical shape. These connectors are often designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring sound performance in demanding situations.

The types of cannon plug connectors

The first type of cannon plugs and sockets is the circular Connectors. These plugs have a cylindrical shape with a circular mating interface. Circular connectors are versatile and come in various sizes and configurations. The second type is the MIL-spec cannon plugs. These connectors are commonly used in military and aerospace applications. Furthermore, cannon plugs with multiple pins allow the transmission of multiple signals or power lines within a single connector. They are often used in applications where space is limited, and multiple connections need to be made. There are also fiber optic plugs that are common in applications where high-speed data transmission is required. Finally, there are hermetic plug connectors that are designed to provide a sealed, airtight connection. Hermetic connectors are often used in applications where preventing the ingress of moisture or gases is critical, such as in aerospace or medical equipment.

The benefits of a military cannon plug

A 2-pin cannon plugs are known for their sound electrical connections. The design, materials, and construction contribute to stable and consistent performance, making them suitable for critical applications in aerospace, military, and other industries. Also, the rugged construction of cannon plugs allows them to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, vibrations, moisture, and dust. This durability ensures a long service life even in demanding situations.

Furthermore, 3-pin cannon plug comes in various sizes, configurations, and types, allowing for versatility in different applications. Whether it's transmitting power, signals, or both, there is likely a cannon plug design that fits the specific needs of the application. In addition, certain cannon plugs are designed to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding. This is essential in applications where signal integrity is critical, such as in avionics and communication systems. Lastly, cannon plugs can be customized to meet specific requirements. This allows for flexibility in design, accommodating different voltage, current, and signal specifications for a wide range of applications.