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Find the carbon fiber your business needs at the right price on Alibaba.com. This durable, reliable substance is used in numerous applications across multiple industries, as well as the military. This makes carbon fiber cloth and other, similar materials, highly sought after. It's available in a wide range of quantities and forms to fit whatever application is needed for your manufacturing process.

One of the many useful properties of carbon fiber is its strength-to-weight ratio. It's highly durable while still being lightweight, making it easier and cheaper to ship and transport. Carbon fiber cloth is also highly flexible while still being resilient as well as resistant to flame and chemical exposure. High tensile strength stands up to stretching and reduces the chance of breakage. Carbon fiber plate and other carbon fiber types also conduct heat and electricity, which is useful in some applications.

Carbon fiber can be used to make a wide range of goods. Welding blankets made of carbon fiber cloth shield against sparks and heat, protecting welders. Black or otherwise colored carbon fiber makes a durable as well as stylish cellphone case. Another quality of carbon fiber plate is that it allows the passage of X-rays through the material. This makes it safe and suitable for making durable suitcases that can still be safely taken through airport security.

Carbon fiber can be purchased on Alibaba.com in many forms, such as rolls, strips and tubes. There are also pre-fabricated components already formed into specific shapes that are ready to use. Whether you're looking for colored carbon fiber cloth or chopped strands of cotton fiber for flexible materials, you'll be able to find what you need.