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Characteristics and applications of carbon fiber characteristic Application areas High specific strength, high elasticity Aviation, aerospace, transportation, wind turbines, civil engineering, pumping rods and so on Fatigue resistance Plate spring, helicopter rotor, high-speed rotary body and so on Thermal stability Electronic equipment, precision machining equipment, satellite equipment, instruments, weapons and equipment Conductivity Electrodes, composite core wire, electromagnetic shield and so on Anti-vibration attenuation performance is superior Machine arm, racket, fishing rod, golf pole and so on Chemical stability C / C composite materials, high pressure vessels, chemical equipment and so on Corrosion resistance Chemical equipment, electrode materials, marine pipelines, oil tanks, building reinforcement materials Lightweight Automotive, aerospace, sporting goods and so on Non-toxic biological toxicity Medical supplies and so on

2. Do you accept small / sample order9 And lead time9 Sample are available, lead time according factory production plan, uauslly 7-25 days. We have engineering department, R&D department, Marketing department, After-sale service department, Shipping Department, Account department, Quality control department. OEM & ODM products are Our products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa and enjoy high reputation.

Custom-made Carbon Fiber UAV Frame Our factory has high precision CNC cutting machines, professional engineers. Carbon Fiber Tubes Carbon fiber is widely used in Aerospace, mobile, sports products, art products as it high strength. Carbon Fiber Knife Fiberglass sheet consist of woven glass cloth impregnated with epoxy thermosetting resin.

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About products and suppliers: features quality carbon fiber tubes that can be ordered directly from the website by customers from any part of the world. They can sample from the robust catalog of superbly made carbon fiber designed tubes available. Carbon fiber is applied in various industries due to its versatility. Carbon fiber square tubes are just examples of the carbon fiber-made equipment that are witnessing increased application in advanced industries such as the aerospace industry.

Tubular structures made of carbon fiber come in handy in a variety of applications and that's why it is no surprise to find carbon fiber-made tubes being used in a variety of industries. The 10mm carbon fiber tubes,  for instance, could be used in the plumbing systems of very high buildings or tall building structures. They are lightweight yet they have high-tensile strength thus do not easily burst due to pressure or corrosion. Customers now have the option of placing their orders from top carbon fiber tube suppliers  found at

Carbon fiber tubes have replaced some of the previously preferred materials like aluminum, steel or titanium. This is because carbon fiber while a strong material is highly lightweight and also features a great stiffness-to-weight ratio. This property is lacking in most of the other materials commonly used to manufacture tubular structures. This is why most consumers continue to order carbon fiber square tubes  to help them in their various building and plumbing project needs.

Carbon fiber material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion property making it a perfect choice for use in the manufacture of quality carbon fiber square tubes. These are the same tubes that are normally used in the plumbing of houses in extreme temperature zones. Order quality carbon fiber tubes from reputed suppliers found on