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DESCRIPTION New limited edition carpet cleaning machine for tight areas. Thanks to its computerized control system, its economical water and detergent saving capabilities, and labor that is reduced to one operator, this machine genuinely creates a competitive advantage for their owners. MODEL BRS 260C Compact Voltage 380 Volt Power 13,2kw Brushes 4 Circular, 2 Cylinder Control System PLC control Control Panel Touch Screen Panel Band Speed 3-5M/Minute Washing Capacity 170-230m2/Hour Washing Wideness 2500mm

CARPET DRYING MACHINES - Professional Carpet Wringer - Centrifuges UPTO %98 DRYING IN 2 MINUTES RINSE OPTION IS STANDARD NO MORE BAD ODORS! 380V 50Hz Engine Speed: 1400 rpm Drum Speed: 1200 rpm Engine : 7.5hp Drum length : 320cm (INNER DRUM) Stainless steel drum ElectroStatic Painted Body Practical Closure System Quiet running and less vibrations than older types Labour & Time saving Dimensions 110*366*125

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When the dusting process is finished, a sensor automatically turns off the machine. All the dirt from the surface of the rug falls into a special container and can be easily removed. In the cleaning industry we try our best to manufacture high quality and advanced machines.

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Enhancing the productivity and returns from nonwoven bag production is easy with the exemplary carpet machine at These come with unbelievable promotional deals that give them unrivaled value for money. They incorporate advanced innovations that simplify production, making it super-efficient and timesaving. This is essential in increasing profitability, which makes these carpet machine valuable investments for all types of facilities determined to maximize their productivity.

At, these carpet machine are available in a vast collection that holds diverse models and sizes. These are appropriate for different production capacities, therefore, all large and small organizations will discover the most appropriate for them. They come with robust components and features that empower them to withstand external forces they encounter as they work. This makes them durable while producing outstanding performances.

The usability of these carpet machine makes them practical and popular among many users. They are easy to install, especially because of the support their manufacturers give to the end-users. Their control panels and monitors allow the user to set essential parameters such as the sizes of the final output and the speed of production. Since most of their operations are automatic, they produce uniform and standard items as specified on their control system. They come with the utmost safety features that protect operators from the risk of accidental injuries.

The right carpet machine option ensures that every shopper gets reaps the maximum return. Shopping for them at is fruitful since buyers save time, money, and energy while acquiring top-rated products. The profitability and performance efficiency they give makes them worth every dollar that goes towards their purchase and maintenance.