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        Q: Cassette Player Walkman?
A: Believe it or not , Sony still makes Walkman mobile CD players :   http : //www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stor ...   That is the cheapest one on their official store website . 

Q: Car Cassette adapter?
A: I am not convinced what to make of that specific instructable , the part that was eliminated is intentioned to make the supply and take-up reels ' velocities match that of the capstan so that the player believe it 's a real cassette that is consistently about 1-half way though . Some automobile reverse players is far too intelligent for these adaptors neverthefewer and have speed detectors on both reels and can sense that there exist a problem , IE on a real cassette the reel velocities would change as the tape got transferred from one to the another . Without that part the reels will just spin free at whatever speeding the player was established for and confuse the player . As far as the player is worrieded it is a cassette where the tape has discontinued up on the incorrect side of the capstan therefore it n't being held between the capstan and pinch wheel appropriately , it was therefore spits the tape out . 

Q: Help with cassette adapter?
A: Stay away from the tape adaptor some radios have detectors and will eject the tape ,  in your case your radio is able of an aux input , using the aux or source button ,  checking on the back of the radio for a free nine pin plug , this situation is the input port , you will be required the audio adaptor gm9-aux this way you will have clear-cut digital audio input , no static no noise or interference   http : //www.oemautosound.com/p-32-chevrol ...