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Modern devices and networks communicate with each other through wireless or cable communication. But even wireless communication needs cables in certain steps. One example is the optical fiber cable needed to set up a router and internet. This is a necessary step before being able to communicate through a VoIP system. With this in mind, it’s important to use the right communication wire for each task. On Alibaba.com, you have access to plenty of options for wholesale cat7e network cable, rs485 communication cable, and much more. Buy cables and other communication devices, accessories, and products from international wholesale suppliers.

Another important aspect of the composition of cat7e network cable and wires is whether or not they are shielded. An unshielded communication wire lacks a metal layer that surrounds the inner wirings. The unshielded twisted pair communication wire (UTP) is an example of this kind of wire. This shielding is important to protect the transmission from interferences. It also acts as a grounding element, allowing for faster transmissions. The twisted pair shielded communication wire (STP) is an example of shielded wire. Other important network cables include the Modbus communication cable and Profibus communication cable. Both are used in complex network data transfers. They function under a master/slave protocol with other connectors.

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