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Caterpillar d8 dozer

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About caterpillar d8 dozer

D8 Dozers are track-type medium-sized construction equipment. Brand new and used D8 Dozer for sale at

D8 bulldozer carry huge detachable blades and rear ripper attachment. The machine is suitable to roam under rough conditions like extreme cold and heat, rocky terrain, and sandy deserts. D8 bulldozer for sale are high in productivity, fuel-efficient, and easy to repair D8 Dozer price ranges greatly depending on its condition, age, location, and specifications. Old d8 dozer can cost as low as 29000 USD, yet d8 dozer price new can price as high as 42000 USD.

How long has it been since D8 was made?

The first D8 dozer can date back to the 1930s, and the D8 model had its debut on 1937. The upgrade in the models happened by adding alphabetical characters at the end of 'D8'. For instance, the D8H dozer was introduced in 1958 after the D8E model. The models have increased in horsepower throughout time, and 1970 d8 dozer had the horsepower of 280 to 300. Recent models power around 310 to 335 in horsepower.

What types of blades does a D8 dozer use?

D8 Bulldozers can equip several other blades. The type of blades varies depending on their usage, and the following blades are for tractor equipment. The straight, or the S-blade, is short with no side wings. As it has no lateral curves as well, S-blades are utilized in fine grading. The angle blade is U-shaped. Both sides of its frames have three holes to fixate the blade onto the right, left, and center positions. The universal type is also called the U-blade. It is tall and curved. The large side wings of U-blades can hold and carry more material. The combination of the S-U type is shorter with less curvature, resulting in smaller side wings.