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Waterproof, moisture-proof, prevent cement loss, reduce urban air dust pollution, small footprint, long service life, low cost. is a manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 20 years. and mained manufacture concrete mixer,concrete batching plant,batch plant parts,dry mortar production line,steel bender machine,winch and so on.

China National Standard with Quality Report Rigorous calculation to meet the anti-wind needs for sea port area or windy area Silo door with platform A standard manhole door is located in the second ring of the silo. China National Standard with Quality Report Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo. China National Standard with Quality Report Can be installed inside and outside of the silo, Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo.

Bulk cement silo is an enclosed tank storage of bulk material, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk material, the tank is equipped with particle-bit systems, and be able to display the location and how much of the material, the hole in the device can be lifted solid material deposited long. Cement silo and screw pump used in conjunction with materials to be transported to various locations, the tank installation is convenient, safe and reliable the various mixing station ideal bulk storage tank. Type Tank diameter Tank height The total height of tank Match the host Matching screw conveyor pump 30 T 2.5m 4.8m 11.4m JS350 LSY160-2.5 50 T 3m 10.5m 12.5m JS500 LSY219 80 T 3m 12.6m 15.6m JS750 LSY219 100 T 3m 13.6m 16.6m JS1000 LSY219 150 T 3.5m 11.3m 14.1m JS1500 LSY273 200 T 3.5m 14.3m 17.1m JS2000 LSY325 PACKING&SHIPPING

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Search for. cement silo tank at Alibaba.com to make your work faster and easier. Find a large variety of systems that can mix just the right amount for your needs. Look for the best. cement silo tank for use in the construction industry and improve efficiency and production at your facility. Browse several different suppliers for many options that can be customized and get the perfect order for your business.

Most. cement silo tank include multiple components for use in the batching process. Silos provide space to store cement and keep it ready to add when needed. Many models feature built-in enclosures that house a control room. Different brands can handle different levels of aggregate. Some are built to provide a long service life without the need for frequent replacement parts or maintenance.

Find suppliers on Alibaba.com for. cement silo tank that can have added logos chosen by you. Most manufacturers offer extra services after each sale, including technical support and training for your personnel. Some can even perform field installation, saving you time and labor. Pricing per set is available, allowing you to set up an order with as many units as you need. Find a variety of payment options to suit your needs.

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