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Cement is regarded as a common material in construction. Made with water, sand, and gravel, it's a key ingredient to produce concrete. Cement accounts for 10 to 15 percent of the concrete mixture. Taking cost, strength, practicality, and durability into consideration, concrete is an ideal material. It has many benefits, and also has increasing popularity in the market.

How to use cement

During the process of hydration, the cement will harden with water, and binds the aggregates into a solid. This progress could last for years, which means the concrete could be stronger and stronger as time goes by. Portland cement is a primary type for the majority of concrete. Cement supply companies start from mining limestone, clay, iron ore and shale, then crush and screen these rocks. After that, it would be placed in a cement kiln, heated to high temperatures, and finally grounded to manufacture the Portland cement.

Types of cement

To meet different demands, Portland cement suppliers offer eight specific types of cement. For example, type I is a general one designed suitable for general uses. Type II aims for structures in water or soil with sulfate. Type II(MH) is resistant to modest sulfate, which could generate heat in curing. Type III cement starts to offer high strength in the early process, usually within a week. Type IV is used for massive concrete construction, such as dams. It could moderate heat produced during hydration. Type V prevents harm caused by high volume sulfates in soil and water. Types IA, IIA, I(MH)A and IIIA add air-entraining materials to make air-entrained concrete.

Types of cement suppliers

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