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A wholesale central vacuum comes with powerful sensory technology to enhance its efficiency while conserving energy. Our central vacuum can sense the floor type and automatically adjust its power accordingly. This is a great technology that helps you save on power bills and means that the vacuum will automatically use the ideal power. Smart vacuum cleaners also come with a power indicating light that shows how much power is remaining and when you need to recharge.

Available in different types, a wholesale central vacuum offers you a lot of flexibility. You can choose from central vacuum options including the robot, handheld, and cylinder vacuum cleaners. Depending on your preference, you can also go the cordless or corded route. Robot vacuum cleaners are ideal for when you need some time to yourself as they have sensors that prevent them from bumping into furniture. They can also detect uncleaned areas. If you want a vacuum for quick spills and hard-to-reach corners, you may want to consider handheld vacuum cleaners. These are cordless and easy to use. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are light and portable and are ideal for reaching around and under furniture.

A central vacuum comes in varying capacities regardless of whether it’s bagless or bagged. The capacity is measured in liters; the higher the capacity, the less time you need to empty it. Depending on the type of central vacuum that you choose, you can choose from as little as 0.3 liters for handhelds to half a liter for cordless models, and two liters for cylinder and upright models. These capacities are enough to hold the dust for some time before you can empty the cleaner. Looking for affordable vacuum cleaners? Alibaba.com has everything you need.