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        Q: How to Connect a desktop to a laptop Using a VGA Cable?
A: There are cable adaptors that will connect VGA to Y-Pr-Pb ( component video , or the red , green , and blue connectors ) , however , these two video formats 're not compatible . In VGA , red , green , and blue analogue signals , and 2 digital syncing signals are dispatched over separated lines . In component video , syncing and luminance are dispatched over the `` green '' line , and another two lines carry differential color info that was no exactly the same as red and blue .   The reason these cables exist is that some computers are enabled to generate an element ( 720p/i or 1080p/i ) signalling , output through the VGA port . If your computer 's not capable of doing this , the most suitableest you are able do is to display a black-and-white image by linking the green output to the Y ( green ) input of the TV , and setting the computer to a mode that your TV can be given ( generally 480 or 720 lines ) , with what 's called `` composite syncing , '' where the two syncing signals 's overlain on the green signalling . The resultant image wo n't be genuine monochrome , since the red and blue canals will be missings . 

Q: I have a tv with one vga port...?
A: The Vizio come with COMPUTER RGB PORT . allowing you connect to PC .  http : //www.ianstedman.co.uk/Amiga/amiga_ ...  *********  certain information you are able need .  be extremely standards thirty-two inc TV 720P 60 HZ .  and the united statese 8 ms Response tim LCD displaying panel . ( because of prices )  8 ms reaction time with solely 60 HZ refreshing rates . be extremely bad to moving image -sport films .  than kind of motion blurring MAY make you eye very uneasy . ( some people eye ok for such motion blurring ) . if you wish sports quick action films . beware of this wassuance .  Vizio is USA Local trademark . Visio brand thereforelely for USA/CANADA marketplace . little quantity sold in Taiwan ,  Vizio USA 're not manufactures or designs any Vizio TV .  all Vizio TV is SUPPLY by Taiwan Amtran electronics . TV manufactures in China by Amtran China and Mose of the models out source to another Taiwan-China TV manufacturer .  is `` cheap `` and not quality , subject to dependability .  http : //www.forbes.com/2009/05/21/taiwan- ...  is deemed to paid more for International brand Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp / Panasonic / Toshiba for reliable and quality .  for 30-two inc standard LCD TV . LG is really cheap and good . RELIABLE ! * subject yo eye accept the motion blurring for 60 HZ refreshing rates . generally International brand thirty-two inc used six ms reaction time panel . than much more than Vizio 8 ms.  *******  For better photographs quality / or connect to PC is better for you to examine an full HD 1080 P with 120 HZ models . even in 30-two inc , because of total quality of products .  LCD TV is you defrayed for what you get . 

Q: How to connect laptop vga to tv rca?
A: If your notebook solely has a VGA or HDMI production and the TV solely has a regular yellow video input , you will be required a converter - no adaptor cable can conversion that . Anyway , here 's a VGA to video converter :   http : //www.monoprice.com/products/produc ...