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A chainsaw is a portable gasoline- or electric-powered tool for cutting wood. The saw has teeth fixed to a chain driven along a guide bar. Typical applications for a chainsaw include tree felling, limbing, pruning, and harvesting firewood.

Different Types of Chainsaws

Unlike drill bits, which only cut circular holes, a chain mortiser is a device that cuts square holes in a length of wood. This is often done to create mortise and tenon joints or beam and post fittings.

A chainsaw bandsaw, or “band saw,” is a power saw with a long blade of toothed metal. In woodworking and lumbering, bandsaws cut moldings and irregular shapes into lengths of wood.

A chain saw planer, or “wood planer,” is a woodworking tool that produces boards of even thickness, usually flat on either side.

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool used for grinding (usually via abrasive cutting), finishing, deburring, and polishing. Manufacturers offer chainsaws for angle grinders to add versatility, allowing them to function as portable chainsaws.

A chainsaw mill is a small facility that cuts logs into timber. These mills require one or two operators to mill logs for furniture, construction, and other uses.

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Chainsaw Accessories

Saw chain grinders, or “chainsaw bench grinders,” electrically-powered devices, often wall-mounted, used to sharpen the teeth on chainsaws. More efficient than manual sharpeners, these grinders contain a holding area for the chain for easy control and pitch adjustment.

Sharpening Chainsaw with Grinder

While instructions vary according to manufacturers, what follows consists of the general steps to sharpening a wood cutter chain saw machine. Set the angle according to the need: top angle, side angle, or title angle. Then, determine how deep you want to grind and adjust the depth accordingly. Finally, lock the device and grind the chain by pulling it continuously to sharpen all the teeth.

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