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Bamboo privacy fencing has a long history and rich cultural connotations. It can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Periods in China. At that time, people were quite particular about the geometry, forming a strict design process to ensure the robustness and height of the fence. In the Tang Dynasty, bamboo yard fences were widely used in garden architecture, representing the highest realm of Chinese garden architecture at that time. Nowadays, bamboo fences have become an essential part of traditional Chinese culture, and their design and production skills have also been widely considered and developed.

Classification of bamboo privacy fencing

Using conventional manual operation, a traditional handmade reed privacy fence is made of bamboo as raw material. Its production process needs to consider the bamboo's age, the growth environment, and other factors. Still, it also needs to consider the fence's shape, size, color, quality, and other characteristics. Due to their complex production process, fake bamboo fences often carry classic cultural elements and become a representation of people's life aesthetics and cultural experiences. Modern bamboo privacy wall is made based on traditional craft types, integrating modern technology and creative craftsmanship. It uses not only new materials but also new design concepts to make the fence style more personalized, innovative, and able to meet the needs of modern people. The first thing to choose is good bamboo when making a bamboo fence. Generally speaking, the quality of bamboo has a crucial impact on the quality of the wall. Good bamboo requires that the material hardness is uniform, and it is not easy to crack, causing deformation, insects, and long-term erosion by wind and rain. At the same time, pay attention to the selection of bamboo with different picking habits to make various straight, curved, bent, and turned shapes.

The production process of handmade bamboo privacy fence panels is complex and requires multiple methods, including material selection, formwork formulation, cutting and processing, painting, and assembly. Attention to detail is needed for the production to ensure that every piece of bamboo and part can perfectly present the designer's intention.

Bamboo privacy fencing features

The bamboo for the fence line has no damage to the environment, and the fence does not rust from sunlight reflection and stain solution from stainless steel fence decoration. Modern bamboo architecture types are diverse, rich in color, and can be set off with various environments. People can choose different styles according to the regional climate. With a strong sense of art, bamboo for balcony privacy is beautiful, simple, elegant, and stable and integrates external decoration. The rendered space, with its green branches, becomes the garden's focal point. Increase the aesthetic variety and the appearance of pruning plants, making the surrounding environment more harmonious. Artificial bamboo fence guardrail installation saves time and effort and is easy to operate. It is the choice of environmental landscape. With the idea of low-carbon life, more and more cities have begun to participate in the establishment of a low-carbon economy. The beautiful appearance of the bamboo balcony fence guardrail can be faked from the surface phenomenon; it is bamboo modeling. Every detail of the garden bamboo architecture produced by the Green People Garden landscape construction team, from the appearance to the color, is close to nature and maintains the primary color of bamboo. Bamboo can be made of its surface texture, color, and texture of beauty.