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        Q: Why are chinese motorcycles so cheap?
A: The Chinese-made bicycles sold here in the Philippines have engines that are clones of 9ty 's modelling Hondas and Yamahas . Why are they so cheap compared with Japanese bicycles ?  - Sometimes the metals they utilized for the frame and engine 're not as high grade as the Japanese . I have seen lots of Chinese bicycle where the side stands give up , and the automobiles wear our faster .  - They do not spend much money on R & amp ; D because they clone Honda and Yamaha engines . Reverse engineering .  - Labor is cheap . And the profit margin has got to be paper thin . Just keep those factories producing . So what if they solely make 10US net on each bicycle if they were able sell billions .  However , Hyusong makes 650cc cruisers and are a few 's sports bicycles that are able now compete against the Japanese . Give it another five years and Chinese will compare with the Japanese . 

Q: How do you learn to read Chinese?
A: To learn Chinese , you should first choose a way that bestest fits you : 1 . Attend a local Chinese-teaching schooling 2 . To learn Chinese online 3 . To learn Chinese on your own Each has one 's own pros and cons . If the schooling 're not so far away from your home , it perhaps a good choice for you . But if you have n't got a lot of time to goto schooling , you can choose learn lessons Chinese online . It is easy and convenient . If you have n't got money to to pay off for the class was later learning Chinese by yourself would be fine . There is a much of Chinese public education resources via the internet . But you are able do not 've got the chances to be guided by a indigenous Chinese teacher . After having learned a small Chinese , you 'd practice the language very often , via : 1 . Studying memorizing the grammar , pinyin , sentencing structures , etc . 2 . Listening to Chinese audios , such as Chinese songs and news . 3 . Watching Chinese videos . 4 . Speak in Chinese with other Chinese speakers . 

Q: Why are Chinese motorcycles so cheap?
A: Honda is putting money indeveloped furthering new bicycle technology , they have give its support a part and servicing networking , they have good warranties . That all costss money . Plus they were able demand a profit margin due to their good names .   Chinese bicycles are copies of other technology , these people are building as cheap as feasible , there exist no parts or servicing availability . All they have going for them 's their cheap pricing .   I will opt for a used bicycle that has high quality and part and servicing availability over a new POS any day .