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        Q: How much does a motor scooter cost?
A: Depconclude on the year , modelling , and what kinds of shape it 's in . 

Q: Where can i buy scooter parts and scooters cheap online?
A: 661skate.com 

Q: How much does a motor scooter cost?
A: First , do NOT trust anything on MOTORSCOOTERSHOPPER.COM -- it is a site full of lying for the objectives of sale of Cheap Chinese Crap scooters .   Second , YES , getting a scooter or motorcycle is advantageous . You can ride all year , and your 9 month longer rainy season solely has 9 inches of rain -- for the whole year !   Speed :   A 50cc class scooter can top 30-40 mph , relying on make/model . You lives in the City . You have numerous streets with 35-45 mph streets , trafficking speeding 40-55 mph . A 50cc class scooter 's dangerous as other vehicles will be was endeavouring to pass you to try to run you off the road .   A 100-150cc scooter can do 50-60 mph top , faster sufficiently to maintaining up with speeding of human trafficking .   A 250 motorcycle will cost lower than a 150cc scooter , and going to be able to 75mph or better and you are able ride the expressways .   Insurance : depending on vehicle , wherever you live , why you wish to ride , how numerous of miles a year you will ride , etc.. Get few quotations from such as Progressive.com , be honest .   Mileage : smaller , slower , gets better mileage . A 100cc scooter will get 80-100 mpg . A 250cc cruiser will get 60+ mpg .   Passenger ? Not a good idea . Not for me -- none of my friends wish to ride .   Cheap ... .  Do you want cheap ? Or RELIABLE ? You were not able go far if it 's ruptured .  I would get a Japanese , Italian , perhaps Taiwan or Korea made .  Unless you 're a scooter mechanic , you will presumably required to see the trader sometime , for services and/or parts . No scooter/motorcycle is advantageous if your were not able get services and/or parts .   Anything else : Under 18 you 're need to wear a motorcycle helmet .  http : //nm.msf-usa.org/msf/ridercourses.a ... -- take the MSF Basic RiderCourse .