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        Q: What can I use if I don't have a flower pot?
A: It could be the Miracle Gro soil . I bought a bag of it this year and it is very various than during the past . This year it has a entire lot of peat in it . When I water it , the peat floats and the water runs right through , without soaking in to the root ball of the plant . It looks like the plant is getting sufficient water - but this is running right off .   So , your plants might not be getting the in-depth watering they required . I lifted out a philodendron and the center of the root beverything was dried , while being the outside was humid .   I also usage this soil for some mommies I dug up from the yard and put in pots on my deck . It is the same , thing . Whatever Miracle Gro did to their potting mixing , it is a bad and I wo n't be buying it again .   It 's impracticable to provide advice you on how much water the ought to have since anywhere has various temps , humidity , sun , etc . 

Q: Need to re-pot a Pothos Plant: Need Help Please?
A: Pick up wicker baskets at Goodwill , and line them with sphagnum moss . Have fun ! 

Q: What potted flowers to plant now?
A: Plastic or clay present slightly various chances . Plastic ; place a 1/2 inch of pebbles or chards in the bottom for drainage . I use good potting soil with included fertiliser . It has contributed to add 1/2 cup of Osmocote fertiliser mixed in with soil as you fill the pot . Take caring not to overcrowd the factory in the pot ; no more than 3 plants per twelve inch pot . Make persuade there is drainage at the bottometres of the pot if it 's plastic . Clay pots 've got the open . Water with caring during the summer to insure not over watering so as not to bring on root rot . I water with a settlement of Miracle Grow every 2 weeks covering growth above the pot line and the soil . I grow vegetables the same . Good Luck .