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Technical Parameter: Working method:hand crank Model:SYSLJ-2 Weight:1.25kg Size:240*140*160mm Mould plate:1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,3.5mm, 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm For 1set manual feed pellet mill, you can choose any 4pcs mould plates for free

The drive part of the machineincluding motoroptimize the high quality bearings made in Switzerland and Japan,which ensure high efficient and steady driving with low noice. The alloy steel die is made by international advanced German gun drill and American vacuum furnace,has long service life and ensure smopthly pelleting and high quality. The international advanced compensation type flexible coupling is of novel and compact structure,safety,low noise and less trouble.

Infor about ZLSP-D 200A sawdust pellet machine Diesel sawdust pellet machine is suitable for clients who have no access to 3 phase electric power. complete sawdust pellet machine line Click Now for Catalogs & Factory Price ! Shipment of sawdust pellet machines Click Now for Catalogs & Factory Price !

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Alibaba.com sells. cheap pelletizing machinery touted by experts to be some of the leading options in the industry.. cheap pelletizing machinery are important devices needed when handling dusty materials or when enhancing material dispersion. They also come in handy when bulk density needs to be changed or when porosity needs to be increased to enhance the rate of dissolution.

cheap pelletizing machinery are designed to help make work easier when bulk waste needs to be broken down. During plastic waste recycling, for instance, they are used to reduce the size of the waste plastic. This ensures a super fast and efficient plastic recycling process. Besides just breaking down bulk waste plastic materials, they are also used in wood, rubber, paper, and carpets. Visit Alibaba.com to find out more about them. 

There are various types of. cheap pelletizing machinery that are specialized in a variety of granulation projects. However, the choice of the devices to be used is usually dependent on the project at hand that is to be undertaken. Some of the various types available include the 'scissor cut type', 'helical-cut type', v-type cut model, and so much more. 

Visit Alibaba.com and select from the various types of. cheap pelletizing machinery options being offered by different suppliers, manufactures, and wholesalers there. The website is a real marketplace source only for the best in quality. Customers who are looking for the best quality in the industry should easily find the devices from the eCommerce platform.