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        Q: How to make a notebook look old?
A: Tea Bag Staining  Drag a wet ( not dripping ) tea bag over your paper . Weight your paper down while it dries to prevent warping . The paper will be stained a brownish colours . A lingering tea-smell might remains . Tea-bag staining 're not acid free , if this issues to you .   Coffee Grounds Staining  Like tea , you are able use coffee reasons to make paper look old . Apply moist coffee reasons to your paper . Remove reasons . The paper will be stained brown . Dry paper under a weighting to prevent warping . As above , there exist is probably a coffee odour afterwards . Coffee reasons 's also not acid free .   Balsamic Vinegar Spattering  Same as above . Expect odour . Vinegar 're not acid free .   Lemon Juice  Paint your paper with lemon juice was later heating with a heating gun . The paper will take on a brownish , aged look . It continues its to darken as you continues its apply heating . Lemon juice 're not acid free .   Decorating Chalks  These chalks 's my favourite way to make paper look old . Apply the chalk ( one of the brownish colours ) to the paper using a cotton ball , makeup sponge , Q-tip or swab . This is a membericularly efficient on the ripped edges of paper or vellum . Allow the chalks to set , or spraying with a fixative if speeding in significant . Decorating chalks have numerous usages when making altered books . Acid free decorating chalks available at joann.com .   Walnut Ink  Walnut ink is made from black walnuts . It is usually sold in crystallized form , and is required to hydrated before usings . Apply the wet walnut ink to the paper , lace , fabric or another material . You can create different effects as you be seeking to make paper look old . For more detailed information about walnut ink , be mentioned the Definitions page of this internet sites .   Paper Tearing  Instead to cut off your paper neatly , tear it . Holding the paper towards you whilst you tear will produce one look ; holding it away from you will produce other . Color the torn edges with ornamental chalk , walnut ink , tea bags , or similar to give an erad appearance .   Bleaching  Apply household bleaching to your paper . Apply directly with an eye-dropper , brush or sponge , or use a water-color pen . If it made available in your region , a Chlorox Bleach Pen 's also a good choice . Note that some papers could contain inks that are colorquickly and bleach-resistant . You wili 'm finding more detailed information about bleach in the tip on using bleaching in this article of the website .   Sanding with Sand Paper  Lightly sand shiny paper or another paper to produce `` tooth '' or a worn look . Sand the same way you sand wood -- in a directional move , instead of circular .   Paper Crumpling  Crumple up your paper . Flatten it out was later crumple again . Repeat as often as you want before using the paper in your layout . Iron the completed paper if it so wishes , for a particular look , or try placing the ( thickish ) paper in water before crumpling for yet a various look .   Paper Burning  Another way to make paper look old is to burn down the edges of the paper . For security 's sake , do th's over a sink , using a candle or stick of incense . Pinch the firey edges out with your finger . If desired , wet an internal border on your paper before implementation of flame . You can do the wetting with a humid Q-tip , painting brush , or your finger . This impedes the paper from incinerating more than you want , because the wet inner border will prevent the flame from go any further .   Candle Waxing  Write over your paper with a white candle , covering as much area as you are able . Crush the paper so the wax cracking . Apply painting over the surface , forming random cracking . Remove the wax by ironing your paper . Place it between two sheets of paper towels padded with newspaper on either side and the united statese a hot iron .   Matte Gel or Matte Medium  These products will take the shine off paper or photos , etc . 

Q: What are the uses of recycled paper?
A: You should not recycle any paper that you are aware that you should n't recycle . And you should not recycle paper that has any metal or any other particulate that should go with any other recyclable . 

Q: How to recycle paper myself?
A: How to Make Your Own Recycled Paper  Do n't throw away your old newspapers . Try making your own recycle paper !  Recycled paper is feasible to made from old newspaper wake of the following instructions . Recycling paper usages cellulose ( plant fibres ) time and again , it usages less electricity , less water , a lot less contamination , and it saves trees from being cut down !  You will be required :   a food processor or an old blender  an electricalal iron  an old wire hanger  an old pair of panty hose  newspaper or another paper , torn into 2-inch squared  white glue  water  an insect screen or strainer ( optional )  food color ( optional )  a big sink or tub filled with 4 inches of water  Make sure you have a place to work wherever you can make a big mess !  Step One :  Make a frame out of the coat hanger . You 'll need a frame for each piece of paper you make . Stretch the hrage and bend it into a rectangle/square shape . Take one leg of the panty hose and stretch it attentively over the hanger frame . Make convinced it is tight and flat .   Step Two :  Put a handful of the torn up paper and thereforeme water into the food processor or blender . Blend the mixture on high till it becomes mushy . Keep adding paper and water till you 've got a big gray blob . You may have to add a bit more water to maintaining things moving smoothly . Keep the food processor on till all the paper has dissipated . Then leave it on for two minutes .   For some color , add a handful of brown or red onion skin ( not the onion himself , just the papery outer skin ) .   Step Three :  Put 2 tablespoons of white glue in the sink water and add all of the paper pulp you just made . Mix it truly well . Use your hands .   Step Four :  Scoop the frame to the bottometres of the sink was later lift it slowly . ( Count to 20 slowly whilst you 're lifting . ) Let the water draining out for approximately one minute .   Step Five :  Hang the frames on a clothesline or put them out in the sun . Wait till these people are totally dried without any dampness at all . You can subsequently gently peel off the paper .   Step Six :  Use the iron , set on the hottest setting , to steam out your paper . You can keep making paper till the pulp is all strained out of the sink . Mix up the sink each time you make a new piece .   Try other things like using in insect screen over a wood frame , or a strainer rather than the pantyhose and hanger . Try adding a lot of food colour , for colored paper , or try adding lint or leaves to the food processor . Your paper will have an interesting texture .   Making your own paper is feasible to fun , and it is an enormous way to re-use old paper . You can recycle all sorts of paper for reusings . Sometimes paper printed from color-inkjet printers will run , that is , the color will bleed off and be part of your new paper , but that are able make for an interesting effect !