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        Q: Good fence for large dogs?
A: The most effective fence for a Husky will really be a mix of a wooden stockade fence , with a radio collar fence wire installed only inside it . Huskies is extremely obstinate and it 's very common to see issues here after the dogs have escape from a yard with solely a wooden fence . They need more deterrence than that , and the unseen fence will keep themetres away from jumping or digging under the wooden one . This is the unit that is proper for that :  http : //ps.factoryoutletstore.com/detailed ...   There is not feasible to construct an low-cost fence for a Husky , and really have it be safe whilst giving the dog sufficient room . Chain link are expensive , and still doesn ' solve the problem of digging under it . Some kennels have cement floors ... ... but it 's too hard on their feet and legs - and was no cheap either . 

Q: Why do my horses eat the fence?
A: Brand 're not as important as what the label says . I would say use the same or analogous feed as preceding proprietor .   DO NOT GET PVC FENCING . It looks huge when installed however , weathers badly and will be terminated up cracking especially in cold weather and 3-five years sun exposure . Also horses can kick the fence posts right off the ground and leave a unpleasant sharp basis . T-Post and field fence is presumably the less costly . Metal Pipe fence is presumably the most enduring and costsly . 

Q: Fence/propterty question?
A: 1 ) The lame goes over the jacket .  2 ) I personally speaking , prefers the bayonet bodycords , but my coaching prefer the two-prong . I would propose asking your coaching , or looking at both .  ( the way I choice , was I borrowed my coaching 's sabre and was n't able get the bodycord unplugged readily ... so I went with the alternative-bayonet )  3 ) I 'm not convinced about this one ... every sabre that I have seen was the same ... perhaps they are brands ( Uhlmann and Blue Gauntlet ? )  -- Where did you get such information ? If you 're telling me , I going to be able to say to you more