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The global chicken plucker machine market was valued at $3.94 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.10%, attaining a value of $5.58 billion by 2028. Processes like de-feathering a chicken form the very base of the poultry farming industry. With the demand for poultry products growing, the industry is compelled to embrace new technology. Players in the industry are investing in an efficient technology that could fasten the process efficiency, making now the ideal time to stock up on poultry feather plucker equipment by buying them wholesale from Alibaba.com.

How to de-feather chickens commercially?

The process of chicken feather removal involves a chicken feather plucker. This process begins by putting the chicken through a hot water bath to loosen the feathers. Then, the chicken is placed in the chicken plucker that features a tub with multiple rubber fingers that rotate around the chicken to remove the feathers. After the chicken comes out of the de-feathering machine, the birds without feathers are sent to the eviscerating line to remove their feet and internal organs.

How long does a chicken de-feathering machine take?

Automatic chicken pluckers takes around 30 seconds or less and can de-feather 3 to 5 chicken at a time. At the end of the chicken plucker drill, the birds will be picked clean, with no pin feathers whatsoever. For this reason, using a poultry plucker is said to be much easier, efficient, and fast than de-feathering a chicken by hand, which takes around 2-3 minutes per bird and requires some practice.

What size chicken plucker for sale do I need?

The size of a plucker machine will depend on the number of birds that needs to be processed in a given day. For instance, to de-feather 50 chickens a day, your customers will need a 23”electric chicken plucker. Similarly, a 27” turkey plucker is necessary to de-feather 75 to 100 turkeys.

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