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        Q: I'm looking for the smallest electric motor with the power of four wheeled vehicle?
A: The easiest way to get that ( and the vehicle together with the motor ) is be purchased the smallst electrical toy automobile you are able find . I 've seen them lower than an inch longer . If you want truly little , look up some of the colleges doing nanotechnology research . I 've read of nanoscale automobiles so few they 're unseen without a microscope . 

Q: How much distance should there be between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you?
A: The rule of thumb is : Prefered is Four seconds , Minimum two seconds . If you 're texting : Prefered 4 Hours Minimum two hours 

Q: How can i total a vehicle?
A: Generally speaking , if the damage of vehicle was travelling more than 7ty % of the bluebook values , they are able ( and will ) total the vehicle .   They should not need the bill of sales , by asking for that , they wish to low-beverything you so they is not necessary to pay off as much .   It sounds like there exists LOTS of is detrimental to the vehicle , and on the basis what you just said , I would have to guess that they wish to total the vehicle out . ( especially if the airbags deployed )   As per the parts in front , there ought to be the Radiator , and the Condenser ( for the A/C ) and possibly an external transmission liquid cooler . Breaking the condenser , and radiator both takes quite a little bit of force , now add that given the fact that it pushed the engine back , and you looked just likely have some grave frame harm - but without seeing the automobile , that 'd extraordinarily difficult to tell .