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Chinese doors are moveable barriers that allow entry to or exit from architecture. These doors range in styles, from ornamental designs leaden with brass and patterns to more minimal partitions, which are known as a "Chinese paper door" or "China sliding door." Most doors come equipped with a locking mechanism, often accessed with a key. For added protection, Chinese security doors are frequently built of steel, which is nearly impossible to break with forced entry.

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Chinese Folding Door

Chinese partition doors, also known as "pingfeng," refer to free-standing furniture that offers decorative and practical uses, such as preventing drafts or offering additional privacy. Partitions consist series of hinged or similarly connected panels. These lightweight and easily transportable barriers provide a versatile means of sectioning off a room. While materials vary from manufacturer, artisans traditionally made them from silk or paper.

Chinese Style Door

Chinese-style doors often come in bright, bold colors and function as focal points within the room's interior. Patterns or Chinese motifs decorate the panels of the doors, often depicting scenes of nature or geometric lattices. These doors come in numerous shapes. Round, referred to as moongate, represents happiness. Further, the color red denotes joy and good fortune. A knocker in the form of a lion offers protection for the family residing within the home, making it a standard feature on Chinese doors.

Choosing a Chinese Wooden Door

When choosing the right China doors, considering the type of wood before purchase can save time and money. A door made of mahogany, one of the most popular materials, offers strength and durability. Moreover, this type of wood features an attractive grain of various red hues. A downside to mahogany: the stiffness of the wood is unforgiving during the creation process, making it more challenging to produce. Similar to mahogany, knotty alder contains the benefit of strength and durability. Many consider the honey-colored grain to be attractive as well. However, the malleability of the wood often gives way to dents. Pine, the cheapest option on the market, often complements rustic architecture, such as barns. Many favor its whitish appearance, accentuated by dark knots. However, the softness of the wood makes it susceptible to dents, scratches and splits.

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