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Chinese firecrackers

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About chinese firecrackers

The Chinese firecracker is primarily designed for celebration or entertainment in the form of a loud bang. Firecrackers and fireworks are commonly used on holidays and festivals in different countries, such as Halloween in the United States, Bonfire Night in the United Kingdom, and the celebration of Chinese New Year by Chinese around the world.

What are the differences between fireworks and firecrackers?

The names "firecracker" and "firework" sometimes are used interchangeably, but the firecracker is one of the categories of firework. A firework is an explosive device designed to fly high and bang in the sky. However, a firecracker, also known as a noisemaker or banger, is a small device containing wound gunpowder in a heavy paper casing. The firecracker has a fuse and is made to let off a loud and startling bang when exploded. Both fireworks and novelty firecrackers are originated China, but the firecracker came first.

The main ingredient in fireworks is black powder. In addition to black powder, firework stars contain various chemicals and metals to produce certain colors. Display fireworks are used in the professional fireworks shows allowed by cities and towns across the world, often occurring on New Year's Eve. At these shows, peonies, the fountain-like bursts of colors are the most common shape and brocades make an umbrella shape with a lot of trailing stars. People can also see shapes like hearts, smiley faces, and flags. As for the firecracker, the visual effect is secondary to its goal. Firecrackers are used to bring blessings and happiness. Since firecrackers and fireworks explode in a relatively short time, people should set them on a hard, flat, level surface and find a clear, open space to light, and make sure the audience is at a safe distance away, at least a minimum of 30 feet.

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