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A gong is a percussion instrument originating in East and Southeast Asia. They are flat, circular metal discs that are usually struck with a mallet. Gongs are used today for healing and meditation purposes. They are of two categories; flat and humped gongs. Flat gongs are used in ensembles of the northern mountains of the Philippines. They are struck by hand or mallet. Humped gongs for sale have a protruding backside that resembles a camel's hump. They can be suspended and struck by a mallet to produce brilliant sounds.

What forms of gongs for sale are in the market today?

Gongs for sale differ in size, shape, and material used. The quality of sound produced by a gong depends on its workmanship. The gongs for sale found in the market are small, medium, and large gongs. There are 19-inch stand-alone gongs for sale, 26-inch Chinese gongs for sale, 28-inch gongs for sale, 36-inch gongs for sale, 80-inch gongs for sale, and 12-tonne gongs for sale. Huge gongs for sale are used to make sounds that travel for a very large radius. Most of the large gongs are from China. They are made of copper and are quite heavy. Japanese gongs are either made of metal, wood, bronze, or copper. Some gongs stand on a wooden frame while others hang freely on a tall tower, depending on the purpose intended by the buyer.

What are gongs used for?

In addition to their healing and meditation use, gongs can be used in different places for different purposes today. For instance, Fire gongs sound whenever there is a fire alert. They produce a loud sound that can be heard at a wide range. Firehouse gongs have red glasses that glow at night to indicate the position of the firehouse. They are tuned or may require tuning from time to time for proper working.

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