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        Q: Nut-free bake sale...?
A: Some information I found for you :   Nuts have a high fat content due to their natural oils and will spoil if not stored properly . Store nuts in an airtight container in a cool , dried place . Refrigerated nuts will keep for four months if shelled and eight months if unshelled . Frozen nuts can keep for up to a year . Nuts is feasible to experienced raw for snacking or is feasible to included into baking recipes for add depth of flavour and texture .   Becauses of such high fat contents of nuts , these people are highly susceptible to going rancid , so honestly , you ’ re nuts if you don ’ t keep them in the freezer or at the very least the refrigerator . Light , heating , moisture , and the presence of metal conspire to spoil nuts , so these people are best stored in sealed plastic or glass containers in a dark , cool , dried place . The freezer is ideal , and doesn ’ t is harmful to nuts at all .   Nuts also swiftly absorb odours from their environs , which 's another argument for keeping them in isolation in cold storage .   Peanuts , pecans and walnuts are more susceptible to spoiling , while being almonds and cashews are amongst the least . Nuts keep for approximately twice as longer in the shell as they do shelled . A good rule of thumb is that a fresh nut will keep for 4 months ' time the refrigerator and 8 months ' time the freezer . Of course , you usually have no idea how fresh the nuts you purchase are , so you should seek to purchased them from a busy store that turns over a lot of product frequently .   Rancid nuts will ruin whatever you put them in , so be persuaded to taste a sampling before you add them to a recipe . 

Q: What nut is not a nut?
A: Pine nuts is in fact seeds from pine trees . Share to : 

Q: How do I install locking nuts on a guitar?
A: It certainly depending on what kinds of neck you have . Some necks have sufficient room to file out an area big sufficiently for a nut , others have a rounded part right after the nut . It also depeneds if you will top mounting or rear mounting the nut as one requires drilling all the way through . Also , relying on how and wherever your truss rod sits , you will wish to make persuaded that you do n't block it . You may be required aimed at eliminating or shorten the truss rod covering if applicable and redrill new screw holes . If it does n't seem viable to get the nut on , you are able get locking tuners which will be nearly as good as the lock nut ... almost .  Below is absolutely good directives on the installation of a locking nut and also touching on a string retaining bar .