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A chocolate tempering machine is a must in the confectionery industry. Tempering machines melt chocolate and heat it to specific temperatures, then cool it very quickly to produce a shiny and glossy end product. Chocolate melters can be used for making dipped and molded chocolates and decorating cakes, cookies, and other desserts with different types of tempered chocolate.

Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machines

With a capacity of more than 50 kg/hr, these chocolate temperers are ideal for confectionery shops and bakeries, who use them for melting and tempering chocolates to ensure the desired color, glossiness, and smoothness. These chocolate melting machines can also be used after extrusion processes in the chocolate industry where it helps to uniformly distribute heat within the chocolate spread.

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machines

These automatic chocolate dipping machines are easy-to-use and can heat, cool, and temper chocolate within a matter of seconds. Some models feature stainless steel rollers that melt, unify, and refine the cocoa butter in the chocolate to help create the perfect snap.

Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine

This line of tempering equipment is intended for home use and small-scale operations to allow individual consumers and small businesses to produce eye-catching candies. They come equipped with controls to regulate temperature, time, and stirring speed during the tempering process.

What is the easiest way to temper chocolate?

One of the easiest options is to use a chocolate tempering machine. These machines will heat and cool the chocolate at specific temperatures, which helps it become more stable and less likely to crystalize.

Can I temper chocolate in the microwave?

It is possible to temper chocolate in the microwave, but it's less time-consuming and easier to use a chocolate tempering machine instead. Moreover, tempering machines use a rotating arm to evenly heat the chocolate as it rotates around a heat source, so all of the chocolate will be perfectly tempered.

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