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Each unit of steel bar meets industry-standards; strength, corrosion-resistance, highly machinable, and high dimensional stability. Source for a steel bar at Alibaba.com if you need 3' or 6' lengths. Here’s another benefit of the chrome bar, it has minimal moisture absorption, high rigidity, and no center-line porosity issues. With all these features, the steel bar from a range of suppliers at Alibaba.com will respond well to hardening by cold working. Notably, the round bar also works great for support and ornamental use in custom motorcycle applications - the versatility you’ve longed for! Browse wholesale chrome bar at Alibaba.com today!

If you’re looking for something suitable for your model plane, model ship, model helicopter, or any other DIY crafts, the stainless steel round stock from Alibaba.com has got your back! Get a pick of this from the wholesale chrome bar variety and create your imaginations. This metal unit warps and becomes more flexible during construction. It is easier to handle and machine. What’s more, the round bar has a high dimensional stability thanks to its minimal moisture absorption property. With this advantage, the product offers perfect use in close-tolerance machined parts or parts that require both strength and rigidity. Check out the wholesale chrome barvariety at Alibaba.com.

Hobbyists and manufacturers alike have numerous applications of the stainless steel round bar. For instance, it is a standard material for items like bearings, bolts, bushings, gears, rollers, washers, mandrels, and electrical insulators. This round metal bar is also useful as a custom handle for fishing rods and knives, and you can use it for almost any application. Browse chrome bar at Alibaba.com and choose from the wholesale chrome barvariety today!