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        Q: When and how are people confirmed in the Eastern Orthodox church?
A: In the year 1054 a important splitting has happened in Christianity . The churches in Western Europe , under the powers of the pope at Rome , separated from the churches in the Eastern Roman ( or Byzantine ) Empire , under the powers of the patriarch ( bishop ) of Constantinople . The churches of the Eastern Empire have arrived at know each other by the collective term Eastern Orthodoxy . The word orthodoxy simply means `` accurate teaching , '' or `` rights belief . '' The official appellation are in fact Orthodox Catholic Church to set it off from the Roman Catholic church The Eastern Orthodox Church As the Christian faith evolved , its spread was facilitation significantly by both the Roman and Byzantine Empires . Emperors of these potent nations not exclusively practiced Christianity , but eventually made it the official religion of their sates . . The outcomes was that matters of the church became intimately is linked to the political affairs of the empire . Leaders of these empires exerted huge controlling and influencing over the developing religion . In Rome , the Bishop otherwise known as the Pope progressively growth in authority , till he 's acknowledged throughout the western world as the most senior authority in the Church . The Orthodox Church is the one Church founded by Jesus Christ and his apostles been initiated at the day of Pentecosts with the ancestry of the Holy Spirit in the year thirty-three A.D . It may also be called the Orthodox Catholic Church , the Orthodox Christian Church , the one , holy , catholic , and apostolic Church , the Body of Christ , the Bride of Christ , or merely the Church . The sacred mysteries or sacraments in the Orthodox Church are ships of the mystic participation in divine grace of mankind . In a general sense , the Orthodox Church considers everything which is in and of the Church as sacramental or mystic . All the bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Churches , regardless of their titles , are equals in their sacramental office . Almost 2 000 years ago , Jesus Christ , the Son of God came just to earth and founded the Church , through His Apostles and disciples , for the salvation of man . In the years which followed , the Apostles spreading the Church and its teachings and founded numerous churches , all united in faith , worship , and the partaking of the Mysteries of the Holy Church . The numbers of independent churches has differ across history . Today there exist the Church of Constantinople , the Church of Alexandria ( Egypt ) , the Church of Antioch ( headquartered at Damascus , Syria ) , the Church of Jerusalem , the Russian Orthodox church , the Church of Georgia , the Church of Serbia , the Church of Romania , the Church of Bulgaria , the Church of Cyprus , the Church of Greece , the Church of Albania , the Polish Orthodox church , the Ukrainian Orthodox Church , and the churches of the Czech Republic and Slovakia . There 's also smaller autonomous churches in Finland , Crete , and Japan as well as numerous in the United States . Many of the churches exists in hostile environs . The Russian Orthodox church suffered severe persecution during the past . It 're forced co-operate with the authorities of the Soviet Union in order to operateing till the restructure of Communism allowed opening worship after 1990 . The church in Albania has been outlawed altogether . The participants of the churches in Turkey , Egypt , and the Middle East live as minorities amidst huge Muslim majorities . Eastern Orthodoxy in the United States represents for almost all the national Orthodox body . The Orthodox understand of the church is on the basis principle that each local community of Christians , congregated around its bishop and commemoration of the Lord 's Supper , or Eucharist , represent a local realization of the whole church on Earth . This notions of wholeness is called catholicity . This may appear an abstract concept , but what this music has meant basically is that everything necessary to be a church discovered to in the local congregation . The idea of catholicity is also possible compared with a loaf of breadings . Each single slice 're not the whole loaf , but every slice has all the ingredients required to be breadings . Hence , whenever a bishop and congregation are congregated together , there exist the church . Eastern Orthodoxy considers himself the bearer of an uninterrupted living tradition of Christian faith and worship inherited from the earliest worshippers . Its beliefs are based on consistency with the Bible and tradition as expressed in the ancient councils -- -the 7 ecumenical church councils that took place between three25 and 787 . The churches also accept the orders of some subsequent councils as reflected both same faith . Countries and how numerous people are Orthodox and who is in that country ; . Russian Federation : 70-80 billions . Ukraine : closing to 30 billions . Romania : 20 billions . Greece : 9.five billions . United States : closes to seven billions . Serbia and Montenegro : closing to seven billions . Bulgaria : 6 billions . Belarus : five billions . Kazakhstan : four billions . Moldavia : three billions . Georgia : 2.eight billions . FYROM : 1.two billions . Uzbekistan : 900,000 . Poland : 800,000 . Germany : 550,000 . Australia : 480,000 . United Kingdom : 440,000 . Latvia : 400,000 . Estonia : 300,000 . France : 260,000 . Lithuania : 150,000 . Austria : about seven0,000 . Switzerland : about seven0,000 . Finland : 56,000 The Orthodox worship God in Trinity , and honor and venerate the Saints and to request their intercession before God . Of the Saints , the Mother of God holds a particular place due to the supreme grace and call she receives from God . According to the canons of the Seventh Ecumenical Council , we venerate the holy icons and relics not in themselves , however , as representations of God and the Saints . The Churches Split During the A.D. 700s the church in Rome faced grave challenges . The Roman Empire ha decreased , and with it , went the protect that the potent emperors ha given the Catholic Church . The region was n'tw under continuous attack from the Germanic tribes of the North . . The Pope in Rome strove assistance from the emperor in Byzantine . When the emperor has refused to provide the necessary help , the Pope 're forced to look to a Germanic tribe that ha been conversion to Christianity . The lack of assistance from the Byzantines engendered resentment in the hearts of those in the West who practiced Roman Christianity , that would going on for centuries . In A.D. 1054 the division of the church in the East from the church in the West ha become so deep that the two churches were basically functioning as separated organization . A disputes among the Pope in Rome and leadership of the church in Constantinople 's the last straw . The Pope excommunicated participants of the church in the East , while being leadership of the church in the East excommunicated the Pope , and states members of the church in the West . Both churches claimed responsibility 've got the authority of God behind them , and to be the initial church of Christ . The church in the West became just Holy Roman Catholic Church , while being the church in the East became just Eastern Orthodox Church . Hope this assistances u ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Q: What church started first?
A: There have been , and remains numerous , numerous religions . It 's likely that the the first is that were some kind of worship of the physical things around the peoples . The sun , moon , earth and character himself . Each society would have various ideals and ideas of what constitutes and was n'tt significant . It was , therefore , not feasible to pinpoint which came firstly , 2nd or 1,000th . Certainly the mainstream religions today would were extremely far down the listing . 

Q: Which Church was around first Protestant or Catholic?
A: We need a Church so that we are capable all coming together and pray . As God 's saying `` Wherever 2 or 3 are congregated in my names , there I shall be. `` Church 's a place where the Holy Mass is been held every day . Church 's a place of worship for all Christians . The Church has the holy Tabernacle where God resides . A church are necessaryed acting in exercise of local political power and to perpetuate myths that add to that power . These be a few grounds on the reasons why it was necessary a Church .