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Citycoco has the power and efficiency to let the wind of the road blow through your hair. Get a Citycoco scooter for sale at Alibaba.com and get from point A to point B in style.

What is a scooter?

A scooter is a small vehicle used for traveling. A scooter usually consists of two wheels, but there are vehicles that are still considered scooters with three or four wheels. Scooters are smaller and not as fast as motorcycles. They also don’t require you to pedal during the ride like a bicycle. There are types of scooters that can be utilized. Manual scooters are recreational vehicles where you stand up with one foot on the footboard and the other foot is used to push off the ground to go forward. These scooters are often used by kids and aren’t for long distances. Electric scooters are scooters with a built-in engine and a seat. These scooters are a lot faster than manual scooters and have a variety of purposes besides recreational.

What is a Citycoco scooter?

First off, City coco is not a specific product, but a label put on certain scooters. Citycoco scooters are two-wheeled or trike electric scooters. Citycoco electric scooters usually come with big wheels which is safer and keeps the scooter well balanced. The big wheels of the City coco scooter allow it to stay standing without even having to use the kickstand. These efficient scooters can travel at speeds up to 45 km/h. Citycoco scooters are equipped with removable, rechargeable batteries. The battery can take hours to charge, but once it's done you will be zooming through neighborhoods, parks, and streets for miles. With a City coco scooter, you can travel from 50 km ~ 120 km range with a single charge.

Types of Citycoco scooters

There are various types of City coco electric scooters with different limits and benefits. The Citycoco chopper scooter name fits the design of this scooter well since it looks similar to a motorcycle. The 2500W Fat Tire Scooter is a Citycoco chopper scooter with a brushless motor, max speeds of 25 - 30 mph, and dual hydraulic brakes. SoverSky is another brand that sells powerful, quality electric scooters. SoverSky scooters are made to be durable, efficient, and tear up the road with ease. SoverSky electric scooters have a collection of road-legal scooters that reach top speeds of 50 mph.

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