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        Q: What is the difference between a CNC lathe and a CNC Milling machine?
A: A CNC lathe 's a machine wherever your work piece is revolving and your cutting instruments stays stationary while in a machining center , your job piece stays stationary clamped to a table and the table and cutter move about . 

Q: How are metals shaped?
A: There are a broader various types of computer operated machines that will cut material , but the majority will not do it straight from your image file -- you 'll need a programs to can produce the code for the machine to readings . For example , Esprit allowing you to draw all sorting of 3D images and later you are able use it to create programs to a CNC machine will readings .  Examples of machinery you are able do this with including :   EDM  laser  waterjet  CNC mill  CNC lathe  3D printer   For most purposes , a CNC lathe or mill 's going to be your very bestest betting if you wish it are doing in metal . Which you will want is conditional on what you are making . If you are able solely have one , I would go with a mill merely because it is more versatile . ( Alalthough if you are able get your hands on a lathe with live tooling you 'd be amazed at what you are able do . ) Tormach makes some enjoyable and affordable CNC mills -- my brother is actually got one in his garage . Lathes are bestest for apps requiring concentricity ( with the correct fixtures you are able hold parts that are n't round , but eachthing the tooling does will be ) . A mill allowing you to do not exclusively holes and tapping , but also lets you cut out irregular shapes . When I continues to be of in schooling , we usage some modelling stock that ha been donated and made turtles . Getting the drawings right for those constitutes an experience , I tell ya . 

Q: How does a Chuck on a Lathe work?
A: Jacob , you are totally accurates . Apparently well , it was n't THAT longer ago that you 've forgotten . It 's a tapered shaft , so it wo n't have any threads to grab .