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coconut shell furnace with wood vinegar

General introduction of the carbonizing equipments 1. This machine adopts the design of double layer and multi passage. The upper part of the machine is for drying material and the lower part is for carbonizing the material. ), on one hand, we dry raw materials by using hot exhaust gas and hot air from carbonizing chamber; on the other hand, we use hot air carbonize raw material directly.

Natrual gas fire crucible aluminum melting furnace Melting capacity is from 50 kg ~ 5000 kg. 250 KG Melting Furnace 500 KG Melting Furnace Model MYS-250 kg MYS-500 KG Input Voltage 220V, 50/60HZ Melting Aluminum Heating Temperature 1050 degree C Temperature control Yes Yes Thermocouple K type Thermocouple Melting Capacity 250 Kg 500 KG Melting Time 60 Minutes Heating type Natural Gas Fired heating Burner Italy Baltur Burner Burner Power 100 KW 200KW Crucible SIC Crucible Workshop space 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 m 2 x 2 x 1.6 m The furnace Include the part: 1. Furnace Body 2, SIC crucible 3. Themperature control unit 4. K type thermocouple 5. Burner 6. Gas Pipe And so on. Application: 1. Aluminum melting for casting 2. Cans melting 3. Make aluminum ingot and so on

Using U-steel channel welded steel as casting machine body B. Cating machine conveyor including speed-adjust motor,reducer,big & small chain wheel & chains,power distribution systems,ingots model weight 26-30kgs 4). Aluminum ingots production line total length :18-24 meters Pictures of aluminium alloy ingot melting furnace: aluminium alloy ingot melting furnace

• Built in protection for over-heated and broken Thermal couple. • Larger digital control panel for easy operation. 4.polyfoam filled inside the furnace and wooden carton package outside.

Heat treatment furnace is common name of various kinds of industrial furnace which provide metal heating treatment to all kinds of metal workpieces. Heat treatment furnace can be adopted with all models of heating furnaces but asks more stringent temperature control and furnace atmosphere. Winning the 7.5 million Indonesian steel continuous annealing tempering production line heat treatment equipment projects.

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