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Cold sparklers are machines that produce cold sparkles or cold fireworks. You can customize the spark types, rising height, volume, and timing of a cold sparks machine. Buyers can also add music or other elements to it to give a better effect to the display.

Why Should You Use Cold Sparklers?

People use cold sparklers for weddings and many other indoor and outdoor events like parties, live performances, campaigns, movies, religious festivals, etc. The sparks created by a cold sparkler machine are non-inflammable. Thus, a cold sparkler machine creates a non-hazardous cold fountain of cold sparks and even the products used to create the sparks do not contain any explosive product. Therefore, you do not require you follow many health and safety regulations. Buyers need to follow the guidelines provided with the cold sparklers they buy. You can even stop the sparks show in the mid-way. Thus, you are in full control of the display.

A sparkler machine takes less time to set up and is easy to operate. Sparks created by a cold sparks machine can be easily cleaned without any hassles. Besides, cold sparkler fountains are environment-friendly since they do not produce any noise or smoke. The sparks also do not give off a sulfur smell which is unbearable for many people. People wanting to add glamour and class to their wedding and wish it to be an extravagant event can use cold sparklers for a wedding. Also, many people search online for “cold spark machine rental near me”. So, one can buy the cold spark machine for rental services. Moreover, because of the durability of the parts used in a cold sparkler machine, it may have a long shelf life.

How Do Cold Sparklers Work?

A cold sparks machine burns titanium and zirconium powder to produce glowing sparks. Then it cools them quickly to a safer temperature. Sparks remain glowing even when cold. So, although the indoor sparkler machine produces fireworks, it is non-pyro. The temperature of the cold sparklers remains cool throughout their operation.

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